Will there be a second shooter?

Weddings are generally shot with one shooter (myself), however I can bring a second shooter for an additional fee of $600. This covers not only my associate photographers fee, but also the additional editing hours required for the post processing. Having a second shooter generally adds 50% more finished photos to your gallery.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Not always, but it's possible. If you desire more time it can most likely extended at a rate of $250/hour.

What kind of gear do you use?

We use only professional full-frame DSLRs (Canon 5d Mark IV). For photography we will bring two to a typical wedding (and have one more for backup), and for video it depends on the package you choose.

Do I have to order prints through you?

No, you may order prints anywhere you like. However if you want to order high quality prints through a professional lab, you'll find my prices lower than going directly through a lab, as I have wholesale relationships and like to pass on my savings to you!

How many photos will I receive?

Professional photographers prefer to shoot for quality over quantity. If you just want quantity anyone with an iPhone can shoot and deliver thousands of photos. However we carefully create our photos with an eye towards composition and emotion, and then during post processing evaluate and compare the thousands of photos we take to give you the best of the best. There will not be duplicate photos, or photos with bad expressions or blinks. The number of photos also depends on external factors such as the venue, decor, what is happening, number of locations, etc. After considering all of this, you would likely end up with 50-100 of carefully crafted and edited final photos per hour of the event.

How do you keep my images safe?

As I take them. all of your photos are instantly duplicated onto a backup memory card, so insurance is created in case one memory card fails or breaks. As soon as I get home from your session or wedding, I start downloading all of the images to a hard drive, which is then copied over to a second backup hard drive. So at this point, your photos exist in FOUR places. Then, when I deliver your photos they are uploaded to an online gallery, where they will live for a minimum of one year.

When will I get my photos/videos back?

I deliver my photos via an online gallery, where it's super easy to download them and directly save them to your computer. For a portrait session, you'll receive your gallery within 14 days. For a wedding, you'll receive your gallery within 30 days and the film within 30-60 days. I know how excited you are to see your pictures so I work really hard to get them back to you as soon as possible, must faster than the industry standard! If you absolutely can't wait that long, expedited editing is available for $200, that'll cut your delivery time in half.